Francesco Komauli

Born in the 20th year of First Epoch, developer.
I am interested in Computer Science topics like machine learning, formal languages and grammars, persistent data structures and whatever subject I find following the links in articles' bibliography.
When I am not busy programming, I practice medieval fencing, axe throwing and launch with the trebuchet.

Fulvio Meden

Your regular 23-years-old lunatic errorist developer, with a kernel in stead of a heart.

I have the fixation to explore new languages, abstractions, technologies and methodologies. I never stop cracking poor jokes at every chance, especially when pairing. When not doing nerdy stuff I enjoy listening to Touhou music, watching japanese anime, playing MMORPGs, collecting action figures and books (sometimes I read them, too!) and suffering for the university (no, wait, that's not enjoyable at all...). That's still looking like nerdy stuff. Then let's cons "drinking lots of good beer" to the list!

Roberto Ferranti

I'm a software developer with a passion for software architecture and methodologies. Attracted by similarities between principles that applies to both objects and people, I like to read books that either I don't understand or having some subtle connections with my interests.